Maven variables substitution in resource files during maven build

POM Resource directive
In the project pom.xml, enclosed within the build section, is a resource declaration which switches on variable substitution of configuration text files during maven build. Where
  • enabling filtering will turn on variable substitution of application properties
  • specified resource directory need not (and preferably not) be part of the source classpath, because the <resource> directive will have maven build process recreate the files in the specified directory into the run-time packaging classpath.


Variable substitution can also use pom objects and implicit maven properties. e.g.,
  • ${}
  • ${project.version}
  • ${project.packaging}
  • ${}
  • ${}
  • ${}
  • ${project.baseUri} 
  • ${env.PATH}
  • ${env.HOME}
  • ${env.JAVA_HOME}
  • ${env.M2_HOME}

A more complete list is documented in the following link:

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