Durian is a Maven project to demonstrate basic Spring features.

It is found at

These folders are defined as source folders of the project.
  • [src/main/java]
  • [src/main/resources]

[src/main/resources] is a folder where text and data files are placed, so that the file

will be accessible at run-time under the classpath
/properties/ .

JDK 1.8 and Servlet 3.1 are used.

This project uses Spring 4.x. It exploits Spring @annotations as much as possible.
The javax @Inject annotation is used in preference to the Spring @Autowired annotation.

Log4J and SLF4J
SLF4J is included to supplement the logging capabilities of log4j.

Under the folder [src/main/resources] is the log4j configuration file
log4j.xml .

log4j.xml defines a simple appender targeting the IDE console output.

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